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Happy New Year

on 22/12/2018

And all the very best for a safe and merry Christmas Season to all associated with SCRAWA.   And a healthy, safe and successful 2019! Street Car Association

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Officials 2018

on 01/01/2018

Know your Officials The WFMA would be glad to hear from you, either to find out more about becoming a volunteer flag marshal or for any other question you may have.&nb

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on 11/10/2017

Memories... Anne Chantal Pauwels Teste / François Delecour Picture by Christophe Henry Anne Chantal Pauwels Teste Parc fermé d'Aix les Bains au Monte Carlo 1984?

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on 18/01/2017

Hi A again. I’ll add a bit of insight to how we went about deploying the medical cars during my time, which started post racing with myself after doing various roles

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